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Americana, el regreso de Neil Young & Crazy Horse: una colección de versiones del folk norteamericano

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 02:59 PM PDT

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, portada de Americana

Neil Young editará Americana el 5 de junio, un nuevo elepé firmado con Crazy Horse, nueve años después desde Greendale, y el primero desde la edición de Broken Arrow en 1996 con la alineación al completo de la banda, a saber, Billy Talbot, Frank ‘Poncho’ Sampedro y Ralph Molina.



Out of This World

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:21 AM PDT

Out of This World es la historia de dos recién casados, Helen y Art, que tienen la mala suerte de casarse el día que los dioses Juno y Mercurio están aburridos. Para divertirse Mercurio se une al matrimonio en su viaje de luna de miel a Atenas mientras Juno se divirte con un inepto gangster.

Contrario a su predecesora (Kiss Me Kate) que le consiguió a Porter nueve canciones exitosas, Out... no tuvo ningún hit. El libreto era de Dwight Taylor y Reginald Lawrence. La directora fue Agnes de Mille y George Abbot la apoyó con dirección adicional.

Hanya Holm fue la coreógrafa. Holm había trabajado con Porter en Kiss Me Kate, de hecho la coreografía de Kiss.. fue la primera que se registró sus derechos en Estados Unidos.

Esta canción: "From This Moment On" fue eliminada de la partitura original y recuperada en una reposición que hizo en 1995 Encores! New York City Center.

Padd IT Solutions

Padd IT Solutions

WordPress Theme: Fermiumize

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 03:52 PM PDT

Fermiumize WordPress Theme combines the beauty of grungy, dark textures and business style appeal to create an eye catching portfolio WordPress theme.

It has an introduction text section and call-to-action quote it button. Fermiumize WordPress Theme also has custom homepage widgets for additional content and posts container.

Like our other freemium themes, Fermiumize WordPress Theme is also tried and tested to work in a multisite environment. Fermiumize is WordPress MU compatible theme. A clean and well-structured .pot file is also included so that you can translate the theme to your preferred languages with ease.

Fermiumize WordPress theme is an awesome WordPress theme which is great for any blogger who wants to impress their readers with their contents and a premium quality design blog at no cost!

Check out Fermiumize WordPress theme features:

  • Portfolio theme
  • Quote It Call-to-action Button
  • Introduction Section
  • WordPress MU Compatible
  • Stylish Jquery Slider
  • Custom Font Integration
  • Spread the articles via Social bookmarks (TweetMeme, Delicious, Digg, Newsvine, RSS, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Twitter)
  • Separation of Comments and Trackbacks
  • SEO optimized
  • Automatic Thumbnail Resizer (without using a custom field)
  • Compatible with WordPress version 3.3+
  • RSS, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr subscription
  • Google Analytics code integration
  • Built-in Page Navigation
  • Advertisement Blocks Ready
  • Gravatar Enabled

Fermiumize WordPress Theme

Fermiumize | Demo | Download Fermiumize (0)


  1. Install fermiumize folder at /wp-content/themes/
  2. Activate Fermiumize Theme 1.0 by Padd Solutions (Note: Don’t worry if it might look disoriented at first, you need to activate the required plugins to fully utilize the theme.)

Activate the Required Plugins:

Initial Settings:

  • Regenerate Thumbnails (skip this step if you are on a fresh install):
    1. Tools > Regen. Thumbnails
    2. Click Regenerate All Thumbnails
    3. Wait for 100% to regenerate all thumbnails.
  • Setting the Menus:
    1. Go to Appearance > Menus.
    2. Drag and drop the menus you want to appear in header navigation menu at the “Main Menu” and hit “Save Menu” button.
    3. At the Theme Locations box, choose “Main Menu” from the dropdown choices and hit “Save”.

Customizing Fermiumize Theme:

  • Setting the Custom Front Page Widgets:
    1. Go Appearance > Fermiumize Options > General tab
    2. First Column Page > Choose the page from the dropdown menu
    3. Second Column Page > Choose the page from the dropdown menu
    4. Third Column Page > Choose the page from the dropdown menu
    5. Fourth Column Page > Choose the page from the dropdown menu
    6. Save Settings
  • Setting the Welcome Page:
    1. Go Appearance > General tab
    2. Welcome Page > Choose the page from the dropdown menu
    3. Save Settings
  • Setting the Slideshow:
    1. Go Appearance > Slideshow tab
    2. Enable Slideshow
    3. Designate Slideshow Category from the dropdown choices
    4. Customize the Slideshow Effects, Slide Duration and Slide Scroll Speed
    5. Save Settings
  • Setting the post thumbnail:
    1. Go Post > All Posts > Choose the post to edit
    2. From the post section, find the “Featured Image” box found at the lower right most part of the screen
    3. Set Featured Image (recommended image size: 960×300)
    4. Publish / Update Post


  • WordPress 3.3+
  • Host server with PHP5+

Thank you:

Thanks to Viper007Bond for the useful plugin.


Tell us what you think about Fermiumize WordPress theme, we would love to hear something from you. If you have any problem or found some bugs upon using this WordPress theme, feel free to leave a comment here.

WordPress Theme: Fermiumize is a post by Padd Solutions.

Tuts Tuesday: Turn WordPress Gallery Into Slideshow

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 03:05 AM PDT

Every Tuesday, we will publish new WordPress tutorials for our valued readers, we will call it “Tuts Tuesday“. Our first tutorial for this series is about how to turn a WordPress Gallery into a Slideshow.

The gallery shortcode was introduced when the WordPress was still version 2.5.  To put it straight, a post or a page with a gallery in Twenty Eleven theme looks like this:

Gallery to Slideshow: Before

Kinda plain, right? So, how about a page with a gallery on the same theme look like this?

You want to make this happen, right? Let’s get started on how to turn a plain gallery into an awesome slideshow without using a slideshow plugin. In other words, this will be integrated to a theme. I will use Twenty Eleven theme as an example for the tutorial. If you use the other theme, keep an eye on the codes where it can be placed on the file accordingly.

Target Audience

This article is intended to the people who have knowledge in WordPress theme development, HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript using jQuery framework.


  • jQuery Cycle Plugin. Get this script from Get this file in ZIP format, it contains the examples and the script itself.
  • Any WordPress Theme. Any WordPress theme will do for the modification. Like I said before, I will use Twenty Eleven theme as an example.

Step 1: Directory Structure Changes

Actually, more on adding files. Under twentyten folder, go to the folder called js. Download the jQuery Cycle Plugin and extract the files. Inside the contents of the extracted file, put the jquery.cycle.all.min.js to twentyten > js folder. Rename jquery.cycle.all.min.js to jquery.cycle.js for easy reference.

Next, still under js folder, create a file called gallery.js. We will add the code later on.

Step 2: File Modifications

Open the functions.php file under twentyeleven folder. Insert the following code at the end of the line (after add_filter function to add classes in <body> tag).

function twentyeleven_enqueue() { 	if (is_singular()) { 		wp_enqueue_script('jquery'); 		wp_enqueue_script('jquery-cycle', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/jquery.cycle.js'); 		wp_enqueue_script('post-format-gallery', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/gallery.js'); 	} } add_action('the_post', 'twentyeleven_enqueue');

The reason why I should put a condition is for performance reason: prevent unnecessary files if the page is not a single post or a page.

Next, open the gallery.js file under twentyeleven > js folder. Insert the following code.

function tutorial_create_slideshow() {   	// Remove the HTML tags generated in the gallery. 	jQuery('.single-format-gallery style').remove(); 	jQuery('.gallery br').remove();   	// Wrap the gallery. 	jQuery('.gallery').wrap('<div class="gallery-wrap">');   	// Add the slideshow controller. 	jQuery('.gallery-wrap').append('<div id="slideshow-controller"><span id="jqc-pages"></span></div>');   	// Add the controls. 	jQuery('#slideshow-controller').prepend('<button class="dir-button dir-button-l" id="jqc-prev" href="#">Prev</button>'); 	jQuery('#slideshow-controller').append('<button class="dir-button dir-button-r" id="jqc-next" href="#">Next</button>');   	jQuery('.gallery').cycle({ 		fx                : 'fade', 		speed             : 1000, 		timeout           : 3000, 		cleartypeNoBg     : true, 		activePagerClass  : 'jqc-active', 		pager             : '#jqc-pages', 		prev              : '#jqc-prev', 		next              : '#jqc-next', 		pause             : true, 		pagerAnchorBuilder: function (index,elem) { 			return '<button class="jqc-button jqc-button-pages" id="jqc-button-' + index + '" value="' + index + '"><span>' + (index+1) + '</span></button>'; 		}  	}); }   jQuery(document).ready(function() { 	jQuery.noConflict(); 	tutorial_create_slideshow(); });

And finally, open the style.css, under twentyeleven folder, and add the following code at the end of the line:

#content .gallery-wrap { 	margin: 0 0 1.625em 0; 	width: 100%; } #content .gallery { 	margin: 0; 	width: 100%; } #content .gallery-item { 	width: 100%; 	height: 300px; 	position: relative; } #content .gallery-item .gallery-icon { 	width: 100%; 	height: 300px; 	overflow: hidden; } #content .gallery-item .gallery-icon img { 	border: 0 none; 	padding: 0; 	max-width: 100%; } #content .gallery-item .gallery-caption { 	position: absolute; 	top: 7px; 	left: 7px; 	padding: 1em; 	background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.9) none; 	max-width: 260px; }

The CSS code is just for a start. Feel free to modify the codes when needed.

Final Step

In order to get the slideshow working, you have to create a gallery inside the page or post. The gallery shortcode should be look like this:

[ gallery size="large" ]

By the way, when you copy the above code, remove the space after left square bracket ([) and before right square bracket(]).  I set the image size to large to make the slideshow more presentable. It will be preposterous if you set the size to thumbnail.

And you can see the gallery in action.

See you again, in the next Tuts Tuesday!

Tuts Tuesday: Turn WordPress Gallery Into Slideshow is a post by Padd Solutions.

Blog de la Musica

Blog de la Musica

84 dan la bienvenida a la primavera con “Tormenta Sideral”

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 11:38 AM PDT

84 presenta el video de "Tormenta Sideral", el segundo single de su álbum "La Hierba Bajo El Asfalto". Una banda sonora perfecta para dar la bienvenida a la primavera.