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Posted: 01 Aug 2012 08:00 AM PDT

El más reciente proyecto del autor de la música de Funny Girl y A Chorus Line (Marvin Hamlisch) y el libretista de The Mistery of Edwin Drood (Rupert Holmes) es una adaptación a teatro de la película clásica de 1963 The Nutty Professor.

El protagonista del estreno mundial es Mark Jacoby quien estuvo nominado por la versión de Hal Prince de Show Boat. La chica de la que el profesor se enamorá es interpretada por Marissa McGowan quien ha participado en montajes como Bonnie & Clyde y A Little Night Music.

El libreto original de esta obra es de Jerry Lewis quien también protagonizó la película. Lewis es el director de esta producción que está probándose en Nashville con la obvia intención de hacer el recorrido necesario para llegar,en su momento, a Broadway



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Muere Tony Sly, líder de No Use For a Name

Posted: 01 Aug 2012 10:55 AM PDT

Tony Sly

Tony Sly, cantante y guitarra solista de No Use For a Name, ha muerto a la edad de 41 años. Así lo ha confirmado su amigo Fat Mike, líder de NOFX y propietario de Fat Wreck Chords, compañía en la que militó la mítica banda de punk norteamericana, aunque no ha facilitado datos sobre las causas del óbito.

Giveaway Winners: Premium WordPress Themes From ThemeFuse - Padd Solutions

Giveaway Winners: Premium WordPress Themes From ThemeFuse - Padd Solutions

Giveaway Winners: Premium WordPress Themes From ThemeFuse

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 07:51 AM PDT

A few weeks ago, we had a ThemeFuse Premium WordPress Themes giveaway which was brought to you by our friends from ThemeFuse.

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Themefuse Giveaway

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Top 25 Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes 2012

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 07:28 AM PDT

Pinterest is the hottest social networking site which is home to the most beautiful photos on the web.  With its virtual pinboard style, users can easily create and manage photo collections of hobbies, events, interests and almost anything under the sun.

Because of its skyrocket popularity, many are riding the Pinterest waves! We scoured the internet for the latest and most creative Pinterest-inspired WordPress themes that you can use for your blogs.

Below are some of the Pinterest-inspired WordPress themes that would surely transform your basic blog into a virtual pinboard style website.


Endless – Infinite scrolling WordPress Theme comes with user friendly features. It looks elegant with most modern browser. It has an infinite scrolling feature that allows users to pre-fetch contents from a subsequent page and adding it directly to their current page.

Shaken Grid

This is a very upbeat theme.  It arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid. It has two color schemes (dark and light).  You can easily customize the theme's look by choosing from 8 built-in skins that would fit your style. Its gallery layout is gap-less which also supports blog posts.

Liquid Magazine

There is just one word to describe this theme - unique. Liquid Magazine is very suitable for blogs with creative needs, mainly because of its fluid grid lay-out. It also automatically resizes images on the fly.

Brick + Mason

Brick + Mason is ideal for photographers and/or design studios. It utilizes infinite scrolling so users don't have to leave the homepage to see all your creative portfolio. This theme also uses the jQuery masonry plugin so the content will fit any browser sizes.

Imbalance 2

Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based blog to an attractive website, portfolio or online magazine. This free WordPress theme is designed in strict modern style with a minimalistic touch. Imbalance 2 can easily freshen up your web-magazine or blog. Due to the modern flexible features and layout, Imbalance 2 is suitable to any of your project needs.


iPhoto is an awesome free WordPress theme that looks like Pinterest. It comes with full width homepage layout section, a responsive sections like views, photos and comments included homepage thumbnails, WordPress 3.31 overviews ready for auto included and resizing thumb image options, sweet drop down navigation menu and more much.

FolioGrid Pro

Designed to be a fluid WordPress portfolio theme, FolioGrid Pro has shown an impressive flexibility to be used and much more. Video embedding, fluid layouts and multiple colour schemes make FolioGrid Pro great.


Gridnik is a WordPress Theme for those who want to dare to be unique! With its flexible layout, it can be resized to large sized monitors or even to small and narrow screens e.g. mobile phones. It also comes in 9 slick colors enhanced with 15 font's options served by Google.

The Style

Featuring a crisp, modern design, TheStyle will give your blog that unique visual impact you have been looking for. This theme utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. Because of this, only one thumbnail images is required per post, despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme. With its unique jQuery-enhanced fluid width design, your posts always get displayed in a way that is best suited for your visitor’s resolution.

Evolutive 2

Evolutive is a super-lightweight portfolio theme, features some cutting-edge jquery effects and will surely give your portfolio a touch of class. A grid based layout, elegantly focused on the content, without the heavy, hard to customize, useless graphics that many WP themes have.


FacePress represents a community-builder theme with multiple skins and layouts suitable for different needs whether Community builder, Portfolios, Image gallery, Content-sharing with front-end uploading, Classic blog, Combination of all content types. You can use the liquid full-width version or the fixed size layout. Also, you can set different colors for your background and header.


Helious is the WordPress theme for Portfolio, Creative and Photography built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type, Skin & Colors, Extensive admin panel and more.

AutoFocus 2.0

AutoFocus 2.0 is a clean and simple WordPress theme developed for photographers looking to showcase their work. AutoFocus 2.0 provides stronger markup, better browser support, and Theme options that enable you to customize various elements of the theme without ever touching code. It's also designed on an 800px, 8 column grid which truly allows your images to shine. This new version also boasts a sharper typographic approach with a 22px baseline grid, and a Hoefler Text/Helvetica (Times/Arial for you PC users) font stack that's much easier to read.


Zoho is an artist's gallery packed full of options, inspired by a simple, subtle Golden Grid foundation. It's a great way to present your work, or show off your blog or gallery. With isotope filtering, Zoho allows your work to be neatly organized and filtered. Along with the cool filter feature, Zoho has unlimited color schemes, 16 pattern options, 11 page templates, single page templates, and just for fun, it offers the premium iShare plugin for easy social networking…


Reflex is a dynamic portfolio theme, developed from the ground up to be the easiest, most customizable grid portfolio theme possible. Reflex brings a host of new features including a powerful New Theme Manager (built on OptionTree), filterable dynamic grid layout, 9 Page templates, over 40 Font Replacement Options, Typekit, FontSquirrel, and Google Fonts support (just in case the 40 included fonts aren't enough! The ability to change thumbnail and module sizes on the fly.


Bookcase is a uniquely interactive portfolio theme perfect for freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers alike. Its user interactive interface delightfully enhances your most loved portfolio pieces. Has 70+ Google Fonts, XML and SQL files included to load default content, 5 Featured Section Textures, Light and Dark Versions, 5 custom WordPress widgets, Proprietary JQuery effects, Powerful Unbranded Theme Options Panel, Fluid width layout are among its main features.


Notebook is a fun multimedia theme that takes advantage of WordPress post formats and advanced CSS3 animations. The result is a unique and highly engaging design that is sure that impress your visitors. Notebook makes it easy to share a variety of content, including audio, video, photographs and standard blog posts.

Simple Grid

Simple Grid Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile and tablet responsive design. Grid like design Theme is perfect for any creative agency to showcase their portfolio. Inspired by the works of El-Studio creative graphic design studio.


SquareGrid has really powerful portfolio template that will can show your items for 5 different layouts. Also it supports Image (images), Audio and Video(youtube, vimeo). Among its features include


Pinterest WordPress theme is a premium theme that helps you to display blogs in pinterest layout. It is an elegant and perfect template that is visually emphasized and very much focused on the style. This can be quite fascinating to your site visitors for memorizing your posts.


A funky new theme to showcase your posts in a slick, dynamic wall that arranges itself beautifully based on the user's screen size. Also bundled is the 'Dynamic filter' plugin that lets your users filter your posts dynamically with one click. Get on with the Pinterest craze with ecoStrips.


A truly versatile theme, Gridlocked can be configured to focus on your work, your blogging, or both. Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.


FlexFolio is a flexible ajaxified WordPress theme with a clean and minimalistic design. FlexFolio was created as a portfolio theme especially for designers, photographers and other creative people or agencies. The whole theme is based on the homepage which is used as portfolio. If you try to switch between the pages or posts you can see every time all the works are available at the bottom. That mean you can return to the portfolio works whenever you want. There is no page reload between the pages since everything functions through the AJAX – no need to wait until the whole page is loaded.


Lens is a versatile and customizable theme. Lens is a great hub to showcase your photography skills, using the latest CSS3 and JavaScript techniques we have managed to create a Flash-like theme without hindering load time or SEO. With Lens you'll be able to be up and running within minutes due to its well thought out content structure.


Construct is a smart, professional and responsive theme designed to show off your (or someone else's) work. It can be used as a personal portfolio or as great place to link to anything you think deserves it. It utilises a column based layout and some funky animation effects to keep your users entertained. Construct also takes advantage of AJAX which allows the user to load more corresponding posts on the fly without reloading the page or hindering SEO. It also degrades gracefully if JavaScript is disabled. You also get a bunch of options to customise your theme as well as a variety of shortcodes and post editor extras to enhance your content.

Do you know other Pinterest inspired WordPress themes that we missed? Post it below.

Top 25 Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes 2012 is originally posted at Padd Solutions - leading provider of free and premium quality WordPress themes.